Sunday, October 9, 2016


It has been a while we last met. I missed, I forgot, I tried to forget, it's impossible and I persuade myself it's impossible. And then it's rare! As rare as 1% of my 365 days, we met. I was on a high the entire Friday! Happy! Workload is scary heavy, but I am smiling. The smile is from my true heart.

Dinner at a usual place is nothing much to be too happy, but craft beer is interesting enough to make me smile wider and laugh louder. And together with this guy, I was totally over the moon, as I have missed him much :D

Look! His anxious face! He was so much worry that I will over pour the beer out with my totally unskilled beer pouring hand shaking technique, he almost grab my beer and pour it on behalf; I insisted to do it on my own with his lecture. Haha

Caring as he is, I wanted the beer caps, he took out a paper and wrap them to da bao for me, because we can't find plastic bag. Caring as he is, we girls hinted him for burned fish, he went to queue, order, pay, and then we eat ... 

12 snorlaxes in his pokedex, still so dedicated in playing! I was tipsy really tipsy, I speak louder, happier, braver! He is more friendly, more in talking.

Totally love the night. How many nights do we left ? 😕

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